Wednesday, 19 March 2014


If you haven't heard about 100 happy days, then you should check it out.

I signed up for it in January some time (I should probably check so that I can figure out when I get to my 100 days) and have been posting my happy day moments on Instagram every day. I think I have missed a day or two here or there. I know I missed one day for definite, but I did that on purpose because I wanted to be sad that day. I know that sounds so depressing but I'm mostly a happy person so every now and then I do just need a sad day and I felt like the day after NOT getting through the Ultimate Braaimaster auditions was a good enough reason to be a bit sad.

Here are some of my happy days over the last month or so.

Tayla sneaks into Colin's car whenever she gets a chance, he almost accidentally took her to work once

This is what practicing for Braaimaster looks like

What next day leftovers look like

Braaimaster audition day

Eating whole boxes of easter eggs waaay before easter because you can

Making Macarons

Colin puts funny things like 'car' on my grocery lists

Tea. There is often tea on my 100happydays

Family lunches with Dad showing us how to take selfies

100 happy days is about seeing the positive in every day, and I like that. I mostly try to do it anyway and now that I've been documenting it I realise how easy it is for me to be happy every day and how often I already am happy. Everyone can do with a bit of extra happy in their day. If you have the time go to the site and read about the challenge, it might be something you think could be fun.

Wishing a little extra happiness to all.

Oh and if you want to follow my 100happydays, I post them on Instagram every day. Follow me here.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My people

It is February. December and January are over. I know this is very much stating the obvious but those two months were big months for me. My two best friends both decided to move out of the country, the one left in December and the other in January.

Now I obviously do have other friends, I'm not a weird loner with only two friends, but these two were my people, the ones I talk to...about stuff. And now they are gone. In today's world they are literally just a Skype or Whatsapp message away, I know, but there is a big difference between talking over electronic devices and talking face to face. I miss them both already, I missed them before they were even gone because I knew what it would mean for me once they left. I was over-the-moon happy for both of them because I know they both made choices which will undoubtedly change their lives forever and for what I believe will be only good, but I'm still sad that they are gone. I encouraged them both to leave and got excited and didn't feel too sad actually saying goodbye, but in my heart I know that I will miss them every day. I think it is strange how you can miss someone so much more as soon as you know they aren't just down the road anymore...what is the age-old saying...absence makes the heart grow fonder. There is a reason age-old sayings exist.

There is no real message or point to this post, it might just be an acknowledgment to the world and to myself that yes...they are gone and I miss them. You know who you are and you both know that I love you dearly and miss you every day. 

Have fun.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Home office

I have been wanting to do a house update for AGES, because we have done quite a bit to the house over the almost 3 years since we moved in. Whenever I think about photographing the entire house I cringe a little inside because that means I need to style the house so that it all looks as great as all those other pretty houses I'm forever drooling over all over the web.

Today I decided enough is enough and I'm just shooting the house the way it is pretty much every day. Our house isn't a beautifully styled house, it is a lived in house. We live in it every day and so here it is...well one part of it anyway. The office space.

This area of the house was an office (my desk) dining room space originally but we have changed it into a double office, so that both Colin and I can work at our desks at the same time. Colin started working at the dining room table on his laptop but then he bought a second screen which stays on the table and so I decided just to convert the never-used dining table into a full on office desk.

We are hoping to enclose the patio area soon and that will then become the dining room. In summer we eat out there all the time anyway so for now it's perfect.

I turned my desk around so that I face the room instead of the wall. When you think about it it's rather silly to stare straight into a wall while you work. This view is much better.

This space is one of my favourite spaces we've redone because before it was just a non-space as you walked through the door. Now it's the hat and bag area, not that we EVER wear hats, but I wanted to put our bashers up somewhere because I thought it's pretty cool that we both went to school where we wore bashers. A word of advice to anyone moving into a new place you plan to redo...take photos of the non-spaces. I don't have a single before photo of this area because who takes a photo of nothing...well YOU should.

The office evolution 2011 - 2014 (top - immediately after we moved in; middle - me staring at the wall and Colin working on the dining room table; bottom - now)

I still want to get a nice blind for the window and change my bookshelf and maybe my desk, so there will definitely be another update, but for now...we are happy with it.

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